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the color of red herrings

helio, helium girl
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But I could post some public entries from time to time.

Comment if you like to be added and why.

the color of red herrings
So, I'm a woman in my 20s who's been in LJ for a while. I don't get many comments at my personal entries, so I'm starting to discover and enjoy the communities here. Sometimes I like to capslock, use gifs and macros, I like RPGs, movies and tv-shows.

I used to make icons, but now I only make them for myself, but you're always welcome to take them as long as you credit me.

I don't like small fonts, they're hard to read. I can speak in english and in spanish and I can understand portuguese too.

If you want to friend me, I'll be glad to friend you back, but please, send me a message telling me and introducing yourself, or I will not friend you.


I'm having some stress problems, so I'm turning this journal into a super-private "secret-diary-of-a-girl" journal.

All the tags of this kind, will be marked as that, and I'll have a custom friends group to which show these entries.

If you want me to remove you from this custom friends group, because you don't want to read those things, tell me.

If you're a new friend, you'll have to wait a little to be added to the group, just tell me if you're interested to be added to it, and we'll talk about it.


❝ What I know? He said the light was beautiful. Yes, it was. No use, see, because the truth isn't even pretty. What else?... oh, right. Love isn't the answer, it's the problem. ❞ Aeon Flux